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Rabbit Island - Ōkunoshima-Hiroshima - Japan

 Rabbit Island is an island in the Inland sea of Japan near Tadanoumi and Hiroshima. IT got the name due to the dense population of feral rabbits. This island was a cultivated area until the Russo-Japaneese war. During 1925, Imperial Japaneese Army Institute has initiated to develop chemical weapons. Between 1927 to 1929, a chemical plant was built on this island to develop chemical weapons which can produce tear gas and mustard gas. It was choosed because of its isolation, security and distance from Tokyo. Hunting the rabbit is not allowed in this island and also pets are not allowed. There were 10 forts in that island and the island still shows the prints of those vintage forts. "The Poison Gas Museam" was opened on 1988 which can exhibits abots the role of this island in World  War II. Ferry access is available from  Tadanoumi and  Ōmishima.  There are some restrictions in that island 1. Visitors are not allowed to Hunt the Rabbits. 2. Visitors are not allowed to hold or c

Golden Chariot - Cherish the jewels of south under the luxurious roof

Do you need to cherish the jewels of south India under the luxurious roof? Then the best option would be to step into "The Golden Chariot" Luxury train. This luxury train connects the important tourist attractions in the states Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu depending on the itinerary selection. The name golden chariot coined after the stone chariot in the Vitthala temple at Hampi. The blend of Purple and gold color adorned the entire train which groomed its elegance. The operating season would be between October to March.  It operates on 3 different circuits of south India mostly departing from Bangalore. 06 Nights covering  UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Karnataka &  Goa Beaches and Wildlife Park  06 Nights covering Kerala Backwaters & UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Tamil Nadu 03 Nights covering Wild Life, Mysore Palace and Hampi This Asia's leading luxury train started its maiden journey on 10th March 2008 from Bangalore to Goa. Each coaches

Malambhuzha Dam, Gardens palakkad-Kerala-India

 Malambhuzha dam is the largest reservoir in Kerala with the capacity of 8000 sq m of water.It is situated in Palakkad, Kerala, India. Construction began on 1949 and completed in 1955. Name derived from the Malambuzha river, a tributary from Bharathapuzha, Kerala's second longest river. The height of the dam is 125 feet. Malambhuzha irrigation project is the first large scale project in Kerala. This project was inaugrated by sri M. Bhakthavatsalam was a minister of PWD, Madras on 27th March 1949. It is a multipurpose project used for: irrigation power generation drinking fishing water transport Until the inaugration of Malambhuzha dam, palakkad was under the Madras presidency. After that it moved under Government of Kerala. Infront of the dam, the Malambhuzha gardens were formed with features like Rock garden, Aquarium, Rope way, Snake park. Malambhuzha garden is the only rock cut garden in South India. This garden is having lot of flower beds and eye catching greenary. There are s

Happy Diwali - Diwali Celebrations

 We wish you a Happy Diwali. May this Diwali brings you a good hope, good health and extreme happiness. Whenever you hear the word "Diwali", what is the first thing that comes in your mind. Somebody will say "Shopping" discounts. Few others will say "Sweets". Some other would say "Burning Crackers". Kids would say "New clothes to wear". Decorators would say "Diyas". Yes we celebrate with all these. Earlier days people start preparation a month before Diwali by purchasing new clothes, Crackers etc. Greeting will be floating from places to place via post as well as via e-mails. It is a get together festival which brings the relatives and neighbours closer.  Many of our houses, we could see the tradition is still continuing. This Tradition is in South India 1. Rangoli at the front of our house/Building with a wish 2. Getting up early in the morning. Many would woke up at 5 to 6 3. Applying oil in head after a wish from our parent

Vitamin - A and why it is essential

 Can you read the below text without a reading frame during night? Hello, How are you? if you can then you have a good vitamin - A source in your body. Vitamin - A (All-Trans-retinol) Yes, Vitamin - A is essential for human eyes because it maintains a clear cornea. This vitamin is vital to your eyes that allows you to see even in low light. It will protect against eye afflictions. Larger intake of vita-A foods would reduce the risk of cataracts and age related macular-degeneration. Vitamin-A deficiency is not that common but if left unattended, then it may cause a huge damage to your eyes.  First symptoms of Vitamin - A deficiency is "Night Blindness". it would then cause damage to retina. few Vitamin - A deficiency icons: 1. Night Blindness 2. Fatigue 3. Weight loss 4. Immune impairment 5. Growth impairment 6. Acne 7. Dry Hair 8. Insomnia 9. Hyperkeratosis Below are the few sources of Vitamin - A in foods: 1. Pumpkin 2. Apricot 3. Acorn Squash 4. Sweet Potato 5. Kale 6. Carr

Porne Tirth-Koti Tirth-Naroa-Goa-India

Goa, a party town in India with full of spas, pubs and party halls and so on. But it also holds historical significance. The town also gives the evidences of its religious affiliation. Divar is an island lies in the Mandovi river in Goa, India. This island consist of three villages (Piedade, Malar, Naroa). The village Naroa located on the eastern part of the island with around 1000+ people residing there. This island is also a hidden treasure of Goa. There is a old fort in that village which was built by Muslims. Porne tirth is also known as Koti-Thirth Tali, is an ancient pond or water body which has 108 carved temples or rooms. It is associated to temple Saptakoteshwar temple which was built by kadamba dynasty in 12th century. Later it was destroyed during the invasion of sultans but reconstructed by Madhav mantri of Vijayanagara in 14th century. Unfortunately during the Portugese period of was demolished again and it was rebuilt by Shivaji Maharaj in 1668. Do visit this historical a

Magnesium and its uses: Magnesium Rich Foods

Magnesium is one of the vital nutrient to regulate the blood sugar levels, blood pressure, muscle and nerve function. It also supports immune system. It is also an essential nutrient for healthy bone formation along with calcium. Magnesium intakes will control the type 2 diabetes. It is also plays a role in premensural syndrome by improving PMS symptoms and reduce mood swings, bloating and breast tenderness in PMS. It is adviced to increase the intake of magnesium rich foods upto 40 mg per day during the pregnancy period for women.  Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency: 1. Knee Pain 2. Leg Cramps 3. High Blood Pressure 4. Pain while blingking your eyes 5. Migraine headaches 6. Anxiety 7. Constipation 8. White deposit around your mouth 9. Fatigue 10. Tooth whitening Magnesium rich foods: 1. Cashew Nuts 2. Almonds 3. Brazil Nuts 4. Pecans 5. Boiled Spinach 6. Soy Milk 7. Peanut Butter 8. Banana 9. Potato 10. Walnuts 11. Dried Pumpkin seeds 12. Cooked Brown Rice 13. Oatmeal 14. Salmon 15. Bla