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Magnesium and its uses: Magnesium Rich Foods

Magnesium is one of the vital nutrient to regulate the blood sugar levels, blood pressure, muscle and nerve function. It also supports immune system. It is also an essential nutrient for healthy bone formation along with calcium. Magnesium intakes will control the type 2 diabetes. It is also plays a role in premensural syndrome by improving PMS symptoms and reduce mood swings, bloating and breast tenderness in PMS. It is adviced to increase the intake of magnesium rich foods upto 40 mg per day during the pregnancy period for women. 
Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency:
1. Knee Pain 2. Leg Cramps 3. High Blood Pressure 4. Pain while blingking your eyes 5. Migraine headaches 6. Anxiety 7. Constipation 8. White deposit around your mouth 9. Fatigue 10. Tooth whitening
Magnesium rich foods:
1. Cashew Nuts 2. Almonds 3. Brazil Nuts 4. Pecans 5. Boiled Spinach 6. Soy Milk 7. Peanut Butter 8. Banana 9. Potato 10. Walnuts 11. Dried Pumpkin seeds 12. Cooked Brown Rice 13. Oatmeal 14. Salmon 15. Black Beans 16. Raisins 17. Fla…

VR that aided the wretched mother

Virtual Reality is a technology invention that is used to describe a 3D space or environment which can be used to feel or interact with human by using computers. To be more clear, you can enjoy Alps or Eiffel tower even without visiting that place. It is that kind of technology that make things virtually. Here we are gonna see how VR helped out a wretched mother after the loss of her child. Jang Ji-Sung a mother of 4 kids who lost one of her kid Nayeon due to rare and incurable disease in the year 2016. Korean broadcasting company MBC conducted a program known as "Meeting You" which recounted the loss of this family. While the episode is going on, the wretched mother got reunited with her 7 year old deceased kid using VR technology. They used HTC Vive headset and HTC Vive headset and touch sensitive VR gloves inorder to achieve this reunion. The girl recreated in 3D with actual gestures and movements along with the voice. The broadcasting company accurately rendered the move…

Few Health tips - 2019

Winter has started in most of the countries. This is the time we need to stay healthy and cautious from the diseases around. Here are the few tips to stay healthy and natural remedies for common illness.

1. Try to wear full sleve winter clothes to avoid dry skin problems due to winter.
2. Cover your ears with mufflers or earmuffs to avoid cold breeze enters into ears
3. Always try to drink warm water. Try to consume hot cooked food and avoid frozen foods to make digestion better.
4. Try to have hot shower and dry your hair well after shower to avoid headaches.
5. Use Hand warmers.
6. Stay hydrated
7. Get  a Humidifier that helps you lower heating costs and keep your skin hydrated.
8. Try to drink warm beverages like tea/coffee.
9. Ensure snow proof tyres are enabled in your vehicles.
10. Keep your home and surroundings clean.
11. Avoid carbs in your diet.
12. Add more Omega 3 rich foods to your diet.
13. Try to apply organic coconut to your body (Especially in the joints) to avoid sk…

Kiama - Blowhole - NSW - Australia

Kiama a small town in the southern part of Sydney near Wollongong. This coastal town is at 120 kms south of Sydney in the Illawara district. This 13.9 Sqkm piece of land have one of the main tourist attraction called "Kiama Blowhole". This blowhole is the largest in the world which was formed by Basalt lava around 260 million years ago. This was first sighted by George Bass in the year 1797.
How this formed?
There was a volcanic rock called Latite. During a volcanic eruption, it cuts the rock Latite as it contains some softer rock called Basalt. Over some years, this Basalt eroded faster than Latite and forms a small tunnel under the rock Latite with a mouth opening at the top. When Sea water flows into that tunnel with heavy pressure, it shoots out through the mouth of the rock which forms "Blowhole".
It can spray 50 liters of water upto 25 meters in the air.

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress - Helsinki Finland

One of the attractive destination of Finland tourism is Suomenlinna Sea Fortress. It is a cultural heritage site accredited by UNESCO. Construction began in mid 18th century when Finland was part of Sweden.  It encompass the deep history around it. It was built on 8 islands about 4kms long near Helsinki Finland. The original name of this is Sveaborg - Castle of Swedes. The construction of this fortress started on 1748 by Swedish crown against Russian expansionism. During Finnish war (1808), Sweden has surrendered the Fortress to Russia and it remains with Russia until Finnish independence 1918. This was constructed by around 2500 people. Like this it holds many historical significance during Finnish war and Great Northern war. Few timelines about Suomenlinna for your reference.

1748 - Construction of this Sea Fortress
1808 - Sweden surrenders this to Russia.
1809 - Finland became part of Russia during Finnish war.
1855 - Anglo-French troops bombarded this sea fortress and caused some d…

Dubai Water Fountain show

Dubai's water fountain show is the world's largest choreographed fountain system which dances based on music. It shoots water more than 500 feet that is close to 50-story building. It was set on Burj Khalifa lake with more than 6000 lights illuminated and around 50 color projectors. The beams of the light which illuminates the fountain is highly effulgent as it can be viewed from 20 miles away. It is about 275 m long and it is composed of high pressure shooters which can shoot up to 500 feet high. The selection of music for which the fountain choreographed would normally done by Peter Kopik. The performance is completely free and can view it from multiple places in the downtown. The performance can be watched from Dubai mall and can enjoy the performance by relaxing in a boat trip in lake Burj Khalifa. evening show starts at 6:00 PM and followed by every 30 minutes. The music genre normally a continental pop or western classical. There is an another option recently introduced …

Aththi varathar - A lord who gives Darshan once in 40 years

AththiVarathar - a lord in the Varadharaja perumal temple, Kancheepuram, India is with mythological theories around and gives Darshan once in 40 years. The idol of this Lord is a 9 foot high, made out of fig tree (aththi Maram) and it was kept under water in the temple pond for more than 80 years and it is now looking beautiful without much destruction. There are many mythological tales around this idol about why it was kept under water in a temple pond. One among those was during the Mughal empire, to avoid the act of ruining the idols during their invasions in south India, this deity was kept under water in the temple pond. while digging the temple pond for cleaning, people identified that and started worshiping it once in 40 years. Other tale narrates that the idol was earlier worshiped by Brahma and then by Gajendra and then by sage Brihaspathi and aadhi sesha. When Brahma performed Yagna, the fire destroyed the idol and Brahma was saddened because of this incident and asked lord …